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Advocacy & Outreach Section 
Media, PR, political, pastoral and educational resources



"A lie can travel halfway around the world
while the truth is putting its shoes on." -- Mark Twain



Section Overview


In this section ... The Advocacy & Outreach section includes public relations (PR) and other education, outreach and media communications resources, guides, tips and general information including:


This section includes information about how to use some of the materials on this site, with supporting resources and project ideas to help educate and involve others.


This includes the general public, mass media and more targeted media, as well as social media and other internal and external communications.


Check the index below to learn more about this section. (Look for related resources and materials in our Ads & Awareness section, too.)



Public Relations (PR) and Other Media Tips, Resources and Tactics


Public Relations or PR can involve many things, but ultimately it's about getting your message out, building and maintaining relationships, clear communications and credibility with key groups and opinion leaders. It can cost little or nothing, but yield big results, however it cuts both ways. Advance planning, good relationships and a simple, clear message will go a long way toward getting good results. (See PR 101.)


Political Education and Advocacy

Inform and educate political representatives and leaders, and advocate for authentic women's rights. Use these evidence-based informational tools, tips and resources from the Elliot Institute:

Political Kits
Sample Political Letters

Letter to legislators
Educational Resources

Articles and Information
Model Legislation Holding Abortionists Accountable


Church and Civic Outreach 


Many churches and civic groups are aware of pregnancy-related challenges and injustices, coercion and post-abortion harm and heartbreak. However, there is much work to be done and many compassionate leaders and activists remain unaware of new evidence that most abortions are unwanted or coerced.

Use the Elliot Institute's evidence-based resources, tips and project ideas to light candles and save hearts, souls and lives.


Here are a few of the resources you can share or projects you can do:


Bulletin inserts, classified ads, etc.
Letter to pastors/leaders

Church Awareness Project (off-site blog sponsored by Elliot Institute)

  • Pastors Kit, including Letter to Pastor to share along with free pdf copy of the Jericho Plan book by Elliot Institute Director David Reardon 

  • Education/Outreach Ideas and Resources

  • Bulletin Inserts and Flyers

  • Project ideas with supporting evidence-based resources

  • Coerced Abortion Awareness Week each April


Other Help & Healing Outreach and Resources

Many are unaware that coercion is common and that there are many ways to offer help to women, men, teens and families at risk -- including those being pressured to abort against their will -- or individuals and families already hurt by abortion, including that who have lost not only an unborn child but also an adult victim of pregnancy-related abuse or post-abortion harm, injury and death.

Here are some helpful resources from the Elliot Institute:



Plan the quarter or year in advance


Events Calendar -- Get the message out when issues are already in the media or in discussions about current events. The calendar features events, ideas and supporting evidence-based resources you can use.


Learn more:

PR, Media Event and Outreach Planning Tips

Easy and affordable PR project ideas

More low-cost/no-cost ideas




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for post-abortion counseling referrals, call 1-877-HOPE-4-ME or click here.
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